Monday, 18 February 2013

London Fashion Week: Recycling a Previous Look

Hey Guys!
I realise how bad I've been at posting daily. And also, how confusing this may appear as I back date these last few look posts. I think it's important to keep posting these London Fashion Week entries on the days they reflect, so when we all look back in the future we can remember what day I am reflecting upon. "Today" I dressed for Eugene Lin. His backstage organiser person was super organised and said we should "tweet that out" because she had previously been told that last year. But I don't know her twitter or name so that made it a little tricky. The patterened pieces were soo cool. I'm thinking of saving my pennies and nabbing one of his coats. Although by the time I have enough money, many more season will have pasted I expect!
This look I changed tops and tights from a previous look. I exchanged a longer sleeved, lower neck t-shirt for a higher neckline, short (cap) sleeve t-shirt. I wore textured, thick tights with this look on Friday but here I have chosen plain, thick black tights. 
I have tried my hair back. This and the removal of the black sleeves makes for a lighter look and more of my beautiful pale skin is on show. Love looking like an uncooked chicken!

 Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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