Sunday, 17 February 2013

London Fashion Week: Front Desk Fashions

Hey Guys,
Today I swapped backstage for Front of House. I was helping at some International Reception with tea and croissants. And thought that I usually get paid decently for waitressing, I'm not doing it for free. So I went to cover the front desk. It was quite fun as I felt really in charge, even though the normal girl was still there. I finished early today but still ended up staying later to help my friend and the rest of the Front of House team. I'm now a Pro-GoodybagMaker and box flattner. Oh, the glamour of London Fashion Week!
This is what I wore, since I knew it would be a short day and I probs wouldn't get very hot. I wore a large black sweatshirt and leggings. underneath the jumper, so I didn't totally roast I wore a thin black vest top. Although I was a thermal one, so it got a little warm when commuting.The jumper is a kids age 15-16 jumper. It said unisex so I thought it would be a good fit. But when I collected it I foudn the lable said BOYS. oh well, oversized items will always be cool. (I hope!)
Neat Tip: When working at an event as intense and on your feet as LFW change your shoes every day. This will stop our feet from aching as you change pressure every day. It works. Tried and tested by RowBow. Unfortunately it won't heal so-painful-you-have-to-walk-like-an-old-lady-slash-robot-legs. But every little helps!
I left my glasses on for the piccy, so I look a little nerdy. But hey, it's just my true self being exposed!

Oodles and Toodles

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