Saturday, 16 February 2013

London Fashion Week: Dressing for Dressing

Hey Guys,
I decided to dress my look up a little since my face looks so tired. I hoped a pretty dress would distract form the monstrosity that my face has become. I also feel a lot better when I put on a pretty outfit, so it eased the pain of my legs and tiredness. I think it was the lifting from the lunch run yesterday and lifting benches from day 1 that really took it out of my legs and replaced it with pain!
This dress is actually my sisters, but it's very short. Then again so is she, so I can imagine it looks more dress like. What are sisters empty rooms and wardrobes there for if not to snoop? Since it was a little indecent, I teamed the dress with black leggings. I don't think it looks too shody. Pairing anything with leggings gives a more relaxed vibe so makes it suitable for this kind of work. Some girls are taking the "fashion" part of the week seriously and wearing pretty impractical shoes and looks. I'm there to do a good job, and if i can attempt to look good, well then, that's a bonus! I think that the actual dress code is really relaxed. The all black thing has gone pretty caj and gold jewellery is now a staple. But one designer told us to take off ALL jewellery so we didn't catch anything on the clothes during quick changes.If fact, she wasn't even a designer. She was a "leader of the group" figure. Stressy woman indeedy!

Oodles and Toodles

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