Saturday, 5 January 2013

Vampy Goth

Hey Guys!
Today we had 2 shows in one day, so I'm super knackered now and we have to do it all again one last time tomorrow! I'll soldier through, like the tough cookie I am. HeHe! Really annoyingly because I got a lift in today and I may have overslept quite significantly, I forgot my Deep Purple lippy and didn't even notice until half way through the day! Silly Me! But I put some on once I got home to show you the whole look I intended to go for today.
I popped into Kylie (M&Co) yesterday and had a quick dash around for any total bargs. I really liked this dress when I first saw it as part of the new collection but I'm a cheap skate to I told myself I'd wait until the sales. I did and it paid off, Whay-hey! I love the simple skater style shape of the dress because I think it has just enough girlishness in the swishy skirt part, but the clingy material makes it a little more gown up. The dress has an empire line band which has some fabric at the back to wrap around and tie at the back to cinch in the dress a little. I L.O.V.E the leopard print collar. I'm developing a little passion for collars on dresses, especially Peter Pan ones! And as we all know, I can never get enough of my Leopard print! I think that its a really eye catching combination of block black colour and the hint of leopard print around the neck.
I kept the rest of my outfit black with tights and black dollie shoes. I probs should have worn a slip underneath, but considering I got up half an hour before my lift arrived and I managed a shower and packed my bag in that time I don't think I did too badly! I don't think that dress would go so well with leggings because it would create a weird shape of block black colouring.
I kept my fringe in and wore my hair bit-up-bit-down so that it wasn't too dark and full around my face. But the tumbling locks added to the goth/vamp look. And obvz I would have added the deep purple lippy to heighten the styling... but I forgot. When I was little I always thought, "What is the point of Purple lipstick? It's not pink and your lips are pink. Therefore you should always wear pink or red lipstick!". But now I'm totally digging purple lippy. I've got a nice little collection building.
Hard Hearted RowBow, The Vamp of...Savannah? Oh, that doesn't really work so well...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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