Friday, 4 January 2013

Red Letter Trend Setter

Hey Guys!
Like the title of the post? I'm soo poetic! (Although I did have to Google what Red Letter meant-like in Aladdin). It doesn't really make sense, but it sounds great! HeHe! We had a day off yesters and I finally managed to get my head down and write a 2000 word essay. BAM! Started just after 5 and had finished by 8. How'd you like them apples?
Today's look was a lot more toned down, compared to the girly looks of the few previous days. I don't want to make everybody jealous everyday, do I? I want for an autumnal colour pallet with the mustard yellow jumper (Hello again!) and the deep red leggings. I wore a graphic print top underneath which included the same tones within its design.
I had tights underneath, aswell as perhaps another pair of leggings but whose counting? So I naturally thought it was another occasion to whip out the black dollie shoes. But it looked a little strange. I think because the black appeared way too dark compared to the rest of my outfits colour pallet. So I popped on my brown dollie shoes instead, which blend in much better to the autumnal colour pallet.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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