Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Preview Show

Hey Guys!
Yesterday was the first performance in front of an audience, but it was a preview so it was a little rusty around the edges still. Appaz it was still pretty good and smooth for a 1st show.
I wore this outfit as it didn't have any loose bits that might get caught, or a little one might grab at or get attached to. It was a good outfit to complete a preview in so I knew how much running about I would actually be doing. Also, when it's home time and its chilly outside it kept me warm. I think of this look being very dressed down and fits more to the "couldn't be bothered" description. But I had 2 comments of me "looking smart". When I'm in leggings and the top only comes down to my hips, I never thought it could look smart. A longer top and I may consider it. But I'll take any compliment that comes!
The blue with white heart print top is the main attraction the in look. I added a polo shirt underneath as the collar linked in with the white hearts. The black leggings are a good, simple compliment to the busy design of the top. Whe-hey! I whipped out the glittery boots to get the party going! HeHe! But you can't see the glitter party in the piccy, which is a little sad.
Even thought I had a white collar around my neck, the mains of my top was dark, so I swept the hair off the face again. I'm stunned by how long my ponytail is getting. Hair like N-Scherzy here I come!
Overall, it's a good chilled, relaxed flexible outfit.
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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