Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Whipping Out the Christmas Jumper!

Hey Guys!
This is an outfit that I wore to work so I was keeping it warm, keeping it flexible and keeping it fashionable!
The cardigan is a new purchase and the closest thing I have to a Christmas jumper. The coloured pattern knitted into the jumper gives a nod to the trendy fair isle design of Christmas jumpers. It's actually from the Boys section (Age 13) in Primark. It was only £10, I think, where as in the Men's section some were nearer to £20. So total barg! When I was getting the jumper I also picked up the red leggings which, as they're from the same shop, are the exact same tone of red as the pattern on the jumper. This ties my look together nicely, along with my (then new) red lippy. The one thing I would say about the leggings is that I had to buy my actual size in them, as there were no larger ones. For summer this is fine, but in Winter as I wear more leggings underneath I'd rather go for a size bigger. They fit comfortably, but as the material stretches more the white label at the back is more visible. And when I'm dancing and prancing around on s Saturday everybody gets a little flash of label every now and again. Not a good look! To solve this I could cut it out neatly, but then I don't want a little stubby bit lets. Or SUPER CAREFULLY unpick the lable from the seam, trying not to nick another stitch and end up taking the leggings apart completely!
Because the white shirt underneath the cardi is also buttoned, the looks appears more sightly with cardi undone and shirt done up. It looks a little silly with the small golden buttons peeping out on top of chunky brown buttons. As the colour and design is all going on with my cardi and leggings my shoes and shirt are very minimal and understated.
I kept my hair down to balance out the look. I don't feel it really suits me with my hair up and the large woolly collar which emphasises my neck. Also, my dark hair evens out the dark red leggings on the bottom half of my outfit.
Looking hot, keeping warm! HeHe!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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