Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 4th December!

Hey Guys!

Here we gooo...

1.  Solange- Losing You
I wasn't too taken a back by this when I first heard it. I much prefer her I decided (Freemasons Remix). But since it was the free single of the week, how could I say no? It's quite relaxing, but sneakily catchy. Totally different to her funky I decided beats.

2. Rihanna- Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary
I'll end up going through he whole of her album at this rate. But since I was waiting in a massive traffic jam, in a friend of a friends car I took note of this funky little tune. The only thing I would say is schedule time in to listen to the song because it appears to go on forever. I'm getting ready for bed and I've done my hair, put the jim-jams on, brushed my teeth and hopped into bed by the time RiRi calls it a day.

3. Taylor Swift- I knew You Were Trouble
From the title I assumed it would be a ballad, so initially I wasn't interested. But Hey! Swifty has gone a little dubsteppy with it. I'm not sure how much more of her Red album I can take. It all appears sooo catchy. I might pluck up the courage to listen to ALL OF IT! ( Also, a little gossip, and I know you love it! Appaz We are Never Getting Back Together was about T-Swift's ex-boyf Joe Jonas! Who Knew? I'm going to guess he worked it out.)

4. The Script- Six Degrees of Separation
This is why I don't think any album should be released with only one lead single released before. It debuted this weekend at number 40 on the chart. But I'm sure there's some music mastermind that has his reasons. I think that this is a lovely (well, as lovely as it can be) break-up song as it doesn't stray of the egdy-er sound of The Script. It's about Danny's model ex the beautiful Irma Mali. I love the play on words of the phrase "Six Degrees of Separation". Usually it's about how all humans know or are related to each other but 6 (I'm guessing) people.

5. Girls Aloud- Every Now and Then
I'm sorry, I've done it again. But this is the 4th and final now track from Girls Aloud on their anniversary album Ten. Again, they've gone down a dancey route, but more Ibiza circa 2003 with the background "dundundundun dundundundundundundun dundundundun". Listen out for it in the slower bridge. Not too shabby, worth a boogie.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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