Friday, 7 December 2012

Summer Outfit in Winter

Hey Guys!
This is an outfit that I wore to Uni yesterday. I have a bit of a trek to get there (2 and a half hours) so I would suggest that it is also suitable for a day out about town, or a walk, or a school trip kind of affair.
The top half, you may remember, is the same as what I wore to a Spa day over summer. Check out that post here. When I manage to wear my summer outfits in winter is makes me a little happier inside as I tell myself it's not long to go until we're back in the lush weather! I wish! But I have sneakily bumped up the layers to keep me toasty through the day. I have my thermal vest- which I basically live in from October to March! On top of that I've gone for a longer top with longer, but not full length sleeves. Then I've tried to hide a sneaky black cardigan as another layer. Also, because with all the extra padding the Gillet doesn't popper up very well, so the more layer underneath that actually do up to happier I'll be. Because there was snow earlier in the week, it has been super duper cold, so I've gone a little over board on the leggings. Don't judge me! I have 3 pairs of leggings and long song with fluffy socks over that. Go hard or go home, I say! So does, hehe! I had my thermal leggings then 2 pair of normal leggings. Cheeky: When my leggings are wearing down and I get that all the elastic coming out along all the seams, I begin to wear them as thermal leggings. As they are thinner than my actual thermal leggings, the are ideal for the reasonably chilly months (October, February- April). I wear them under jeans if I know I'm going to get cold, but I don't think it will be too bad, but I don't what to be whinging that I'm cold all day. If I want to wear leggings in Winter or Summer I don't want a VPL (I'm sure nobody does really, unless that's you're kind of thing. What ever floats your boat!) So by building up the layers (thinner layers in Summer) it reduces the VPL-effect. Also, in warmer months, when my leggings are showing a little skin through them, I'm wear the old elasticy ones or black tights. VPL and see-through leggings be gone!
Back to my outfit, Wha-Hey! Check out my new booties! Their Young Dimension don't 'cha know! HeHe! That's the children's section in Primark, and because I have little feet I fit them. The woolly socks keep by tootsies warm, but also help fill in the space inside shoes that feel a little bit loose. I love Leopard print on anything. My inner tackiness can't contain it's self and next thing you know I'm at the till paying and it would be rude to turn around then.
And there you have it. My Summer outfit transformed into a Winter warmer.
Oodles and Toodles

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