Monday, 31 December 2012

Dress Rehearsal

Hey Guys!
So yesterday we had our dress rehearsal where I work. As it's performances all week, I'm hoping to show you what I wore for the whole week! Wouldn't that be exciting! I like to dress up more for work than I do for Uni, so it's more visually exciting seeing what I wear to work rather than winter wear at Uni.
I tried this outfit on for Christmas, but decided there was too much going on, so proceeded to rummage thought the rest of my wardrobe! But having reviewed the look, I've decided that I actually really like the mis-match appeal of it. To the rest of the world, I'm sure it looks like a causally compiled outfit. But to me, and my slight OCD-ness, the layering on the tops looks messy and there are kind of too many colours going on that I don't feel match. But really when I was thinking about what to write, I realised that the look does piece together rather well. Obvz, green and orange are complimentary colours. That means when placed next to each other they help to emphasise the partnered colour, i.e the green looks greener against the orange and vice versa. The collar that's visible from the shirt underneath is a muted addition to the colour pallet, as the is black from the leggings. So it doesn't add any "mess" to my appearance. The shirt and vest go well as not only do they fit together, as shirts and vest have done for many years, they keep me even toastier too. Bonus!
I love my leopard print boots (Maybs a little too much, but everyone has the tacky section in their wardrobe. Mine happens to be full of leopard print!). I think that the brown colour scheme of the boots goes well with the orange/salmon pink vest. Also, browns and greens are seen as earthy tones when together. But if the grass you're looking at is the same colour as my cardi, I don't think it's natural. HeHe!
As I was wearing pale and colourful tops I let my curls tumble over my shoulders. I wore my hair in a bit-up-bit-down style, with a matchy green grip. I got a pretty golden, paper crane necklace from my sister for Christmas. I wore this as it's really subtle, but has a jewel in so catches the light nicely. My Miss Selfridge ring-bracelet combo has similar tones to my outfit. So rather than wear a bracelet and ring, then loose the ring when washing my hands, I wore the ring attached to the bracelet.
Change of scenery, literally. I took a quick pic in the theatre.
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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