Friday, 16 November 2012

Winter Dress

Hey Guys!
My Friday off this week wasn't as exciting as last week with shopping and what-not, but I did get lots of important CV and job stuff done. Dream Job here I come!
You may recognise this dress from my very first post on Valentine's Day (good times!) if you've back tracked that far. But I thought I'd show you how I re-worked the dress for work. I went with black tights which is gives a more floaty and feminine appeal. I kept to brown tones with my tan belt and flat lacy dollie shoes. The deeper red, browns and black are very trendy autumnal colours every year. The red especially this year with Berry colours popping up. I accessorised with a thinner and longer belt compared to before, which allowed me to wrap it around and tuck it in, this adds to a more relaxed look this time. To be honest my hair was a total mess this day, so since my fringe wasn't playing game, I've braided it across my head to keep it neater and off my face. It's not so clear, but I added a black double plait headband to tuck the whispy bits under. The rest is in a bun which looks okay, but I prefer wearing my hair totally down and girly or a big pony tail and best as it evens up the balance with the fuller skirt. (A Whole New World from Aladdin just came up on shuffle! Magical, hehe!)
I've even taken a picture of my skirt in full flow so you can see how swishy it can be! This is probs the only winter dress I actually own, because it is made of a thicker and heavier material which keeps me warm. Also, I'm sure that by wearing the slip underneath traps heat and effectively insulates the dress. My slip is a little bit of a awkward length because it is a little longer than my dress. But as it's hemmed with lace I could wear it longer than the dress. Or, what I usually do, is try to hitch it up a little so you can't see it.
With the brown tones already in my outfit, too keep the relaxed autumn vibe, I'd wear my brown aviator jacket as a coat with this look.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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