Sunday, 11 November 2012

Uni Wear 2

Hey Guys!
I had my first Friday off this week, and guess what I spent it doing? Shopping! I felt soo stingey because I was Like, "Oh, that cardi is nice. But it's £10 and that's one train fare into Uni!" But I did splurge on a toasty patterned cardi. Before that I just had tights and socks in my basket and I felt like such an old lady, stocking up on my thermals!
Anyway, this is a relaxed outfit that I've worn to Uni previously. I thought it would be good to show you what I wear when I'm doing a messy art course. Sometimes, I find it hard to combine the pretty and practical elements and that's when it ends up being a leggings and baggy Tee day.
But with this outfit I managed to create a dressy-yet-relaxed look, I think. I don't have a simple denim shirt, but I do have this pale denim-style dress. It poppers down to the hips really, so I bunch it up a little higher and wrap a belt around it. I try to cover the lower waist band with the belt so there aren't too many cuts across my body. To keep me warm over these winter months, I wear my black leggings and match them with a black cardigan. I usually wear my older sisters cardigan if I'm going to wear it over this baggy dress-top. This is because it is a couple of sizes bigger and a) I don't want to stretch my own out of shape, and b) It goes better with the looser appeal of the look. It doesn't greatly affect the look, but my smaller one has to stretch more which would sculpt my arms and then give me funny proportions! I think that rolling up the sleeves just makes the outfit a little lighter, as there becomes a pale blue band around my elbows and also it shows my lower arms. It breaks up the dark black block from the cardi and leggings.
I think that the boots keep the look a little less feminine and more edgy. This look would look great with a causal denim shirt too, that would produce a more masculine look if you didn't choose to add the belt.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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