Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 6th November!

Hey Guys,

I'm so bad, I know. I'm just getting in the swing of when I have any free time to do anything but art! I now have Fridays off (Whoop, Whoop!) I think we're meant to do work then, but I'm going to make sure I schedule you guys in!
Anyway, keeping me occupied on my 3 days off last week. (Reading weeks- gotta love 'em!)

1. Taylor Swift- Everything Has Changed ft Ed Sheeran
This is an album track from Taylor's new album Red. I think that Ed was involved in possibly a few different things around the album and this is the result of one of those "things". I think that it is a really nice song until you begin to hear the shouty chorus of people, which are reminiscent of We Are Never Getting Back Together. Apart from that, I like it more than I thought I would.

 2. Pink- Try
I saw the video for this a few weeks ago and wasn't too impressed with the song. I think his was because I was mesmerised by the video as it's so artistic and beautiful (I always feel really naff saying the b word, but I really mean it here!) But having heard the song more and more frequently on radio over here, I'm beginning to fall in love with the song as much as the video.

3. Rita Ora- Shine Your Light
Words cannot describe the girl crush I have with Rita (we're on first name terms, HeHe!) I love her style, face and obvs her music. Her album was one of the few I actually buy the week it was released, I knew I needed that in my life. This is a really positive, glass half full, kind of song and she manages to do it without being cheesy.

4. No Doubt- Looking Hot
Another comeback band, I'm literally reliving my childhood. My friend said she didn't even know Gwen Stefani was in a band before her solo releases (!)- she obviously had no childhood! I quite liked their initial comeback tune Settle Down, it was supper catchy, but this was the one they performed on X Factor UK. It was weird seeing Gwen sing and rocking the trademark grungy style of No Doubt again. This song has a few different styles within in, there's even a reggae-ish part we can all jam along to.

5. Dappy- Bring it Home ft The Wanted
I was super excited when the boys (Nathan) were tweeting about being in the studio with Dappy. I thought it was such an unusual combination of sounds. But it works quite well here, it's another "we can do it" tune! And it's festive, for yesterday, "We're lighting up the sky, like the 5th of Noveeeemberrr!"
Hope you all enjoyed lush fireworks. I managed to see one, over some trees, as I waited for a lift. It arrived just after the show started, sad times. Oh, and I saw some pretty spectac ones behind some blinds through a window. Man, I sure know how to have a good time!
Promise I'll post more this week!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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