Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 27th November!

Hey Guys!

I've been tapping my toes to...

1. Girls Aloud- On the Metro
I feel like I've mentioned them every week recently, and I probs have. But this is another new cut from their 10th Anniversary album Ten. It's a really funky and dancey tune- big contrast to Beautiful Cause You Love Me, and not as "girls run the world" as Something New. I love this and think if GA want to continue for another ten years this is the direction they could definitely pursue this direction. It reminds me a little of I Left My Heart in Tokyo and therefore could imagine a colourful and Tokyo city-like video. And appaz, Nicola wrote this too, Whoop Whoop!

2. Little Mix- Case Closed
Some listeners have suggested that this could be the follow up to DNA, mainly because it says to be continued at the end of the DNA video and logically lyrically this would make sense. I've been listening to their whole album on repeat this week. I couldn't decide which on to make a top tune. so I've decided that Little Mix's album D.N.A is my (cue fanfare!) Album Full of Top Tunes of the Week!

3. Amelia Lily- Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)
I really like this second release from the second-runner up of The X Factor 2011. I like the rhythm of the chorus and how it's all like dadadadadadadadadadaa (that worked in my head!). There's a little 30 second preview of the video floating around the web-o-sphere, which Amelia Lily describes as a lot darker with the ideas and visuals compared to You Bring Me Joy.

4. One Direction- I Would
I've succumbed to One Direction's new album Take Me Home. What has become of me?! I like this one which is surprisingly upbeat for a song where the boys admit they aren't as macho as "The Boyf" mentioned. The L.O.V.E bit is pretty cute though.

5. Angel- Time After Time
I'm not gonna lie, I've put this one in mainly because Conor Maynard features in the video. For like less than 5 seconds, but he's still there. Looks a little awkward once Angel and Conor have met in the studio then a couple of scenes later Angel has a lady friend in there and I'm not sure if Conor's meant to have left by then, but he re-appears a little later. The songs not bad, I quite like Angel's voice because it's a pretty singing voice and not aggressive and rappy- which I'm getting a little bored of.

In other news, Adele's 21 is out of the top 40! 1st time since she released it in January 2011, Ohemahhey!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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