Monday, 19 November 2012

Military Mustard

Hey Guys!
Since it's now winter, and my whole wardrobe is basically summer clothes, I've a feeling you're going to be seeing a lot more of my fave mustard yellow woolly knit! In this look I have "butched" it up a little compared to my previous jeans, leggings and dress combinations.
I have the woolly jumper over a white vest top, which probs has my thermal vest top underneath that too! I wore another vest top to cover the tucking in if my thermal top. I feel that it is cropped a little too high for no top underneath, because it's that awkward height that's too high because it is the lower part of my stomach.
I've teamed the top with a pair of khaki green trousers, which are a little more rufty-tufty than jeggings. The pockets on the sides, and small scuffs on the material give it a more rugged appeal. Also, the big grey boots remove any speckle of girliness that may once possibly have been in this outfit.
In the two images below I have worn my hair down which is how I wore it when I went out. But I think that by clipping my fringe up into a quiff style (Fold and twist the fringe back and push towards your forehead and use Kirby grips to hold) adds to the hardened look and my curls are a little "pretty" for this look. But they are pretty boisterous in this photo- probs a day where that annoying rain (that is really light but quite heavy at the same time) was coming down.
I've not accessorised with any jewellery here, but I reckon a few bands- leathery ones with the poppers- would go with the look well.
Have a gander.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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