Thursday, 8 November 2012

Job Interview

Hey Guys!
Last month I went for a job interview for a little Christmas position at John Lewis. It was a group sesh, so we sat in a circle and listened to the bigwigs tell us about their journey to the top spot. Then we were put into 3 little groups and had to think of a festive dish that we would serve in the Place to Eat, and how we would market it. It was like the week or two before Halloween (belated Happy Halloween to you!) and what a cowinkydink it was that all three groups chose Pumpkin Soup! We were all baffled, but we should have seen it coming really! Then, if we were successful, we got through to one-to-one interviews. I was! So I then had a further wait as I spoke to the other successful peeps, and finally went in for my one-to-one. There were two people interviewing, and mine was with the top dog herself, and she said she really liked my skirt. So this outfit is deffo a winner for an interview- even if I didn't get the job!

I think that for an interview it is obvs always important to dress well and make a sophisticated first impression. This will come across well the the employer that you can be taken seriously and that you want to make a good impression in order to get the job. I always whack out the blazer in smarter situations. Mine is a cropped length which means it works really will with my collection of hight-waisted skirts. I don't like wearing trousers to interviews ( I never have worn them to one actually). I think that I can create a more individual, unique and most importantly memorable outfit when incorporating a skirt into the outfit. Monochrome is a key trend this A/W season. I usually keep with a black and white colour pallet, then add an accent colour to pop from the outfit. I chose purple here, and it comes through on the tribal pattern of the skirt. By inserting a hint of colour into the outfit it also makes the look slightly more relaxed and I don't feel totally overdressed.
MAJOR WARNING: Only wear heels if you are 100% comfortable in them and have a spare pair of tights in you bag! Unfortunately, I had an experience which I will share with you so you can avoid it. I was going into a big stadium for an interview in one of the offices inside. However, it was heavily raining outside, making my shoes and floors slippery. These two surfaces do not go well together. (It's not the first time I've done this) Basically, I slipped and ripped a massive hole at the top of my (tan, thankfully) tights and the next day had several massive bruises down my thigh. I had to cross my legs/keep them together throughout the whole interviewing process to hide it. Not Cool! I now only wear heels if I know that I am going to be on a carpet or wood flooring, non-shiny surfaces.
I kept my hair off my face because I think that the combination of a dark top and my dark hair makes me look a little drained and pasty. I kept it off my face and wore my fringe as I think ponytails looks really pretty and elegant in with smart outfits.
Lesson learnt, if you go with wet weather and heels, best bet is to wear tan tights.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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