Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 23rd October!

Hey Guys!

Whoopsie Daisy! I've been so busy with my art, making suitcases into hoovers, making a storybook about the President's Wives's battle for the White house and creating a body adornment for an irreversible environmental disaster, that's I've not had the time to tell you what outfit's I've been parading about in and what new music I'm digging. But I'm back now, not to worry, and I've just signed up to a new playlist site so here's what I've put on it this week:

1. Ne-Yo- Forever Now
Love, Love, Love this new track form Ne-Yo. It starts all dramatic with only a piano to accompany Ne-Yo's voice. The lyrics sound pretty emosh coming from Ne-Yo as he questions, "What am I gonna do with Forever Now?" Keep singing is what he does! It progressively turns more and more dancey and you find you just can't help but bounce around the room a little.

2. Girls Aloud- Something New
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Girls Aloud are back with what I would class as a  BANG! I may be a little exicted about their return, but it's bittersweet as this is the last time (supposedly). Their last album, their last tour (which is pretty pricey tbh) and maybs their last single- but I don't know about that one. I love that Nicola and Kimberly have a similar amount of lines as the other girls. I think that they both have more unique voices which weren't used as much before. This is actually the official Children in Need single this year, so it's all for a good cause. And they all have their own Pandora bracelets out, but if I can't afford a tour ticket, I'm thinking the bracelet may be even further out of my price range!

3. Justin Bieber- Beauty and a Beat ft. Nicki Minaj
So, I know this isn't a new song, but the video is out now. Can I just say that nobodies hair looks that good after coming out of a pool! This was my favourite track off of his album, so I'm glad it's being released. Nicki's rap is so fun to join in with, it also helps that I've had months to get it perfect for when it now comes on the radio.

4. Usher-Numb
I've had this on repeat since last week, and it's not stopping yet!  A bit like Ne-yo's song, it starts off slow and builds. But this one gets more intense a little quicker. There is more of a mix of lows and highs of the song , too. I've not got his Looking 4 Myself album, but after hearing this I might have to pinch it from a friend.

5. Jasmine Villegas- Didn't Mean It
This song is "old" in the meaning of that I was listening to it non-stop over summer. But I've added it my play list again this week and I'm still loving it. The video is a pretty realistic in the first scene, so probs not best for little'ns (so I've linked to a lyric vid). But I think that it gives the song more meaning. And she may not be the next Beyonce, but (from what I've read it's based on a previous relationship of hers) you can hear more emotion in her voice that other popular peeps at the mo.

Boy you better watch your back, we're the leaders of the pack. Tell me can you handle that?

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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