Saturday, 6 October 2012

Mustard Yellow Jumper Mark IIII

Hey Guys!
Work is the only place I can actually wear nice things, without the worry of getting them covered in paint or glue! This is what I wore to work today. It is the the 4th outfit I've shown you with this jumper, which means I've certainly got my value for money out of this Summer Sale buy!
This time I have worn the baggy jumper over a navy blue bodycon style short dress. This makes it look relaxed but is still flattering as the part of the dress showing is fitted around my derriere! Today was the first time in 3 weeks that I haven't worn a thermal vest or leggings over tights. It was actually a rather pleasant day! In my head when planning this outfit, it looked better than when I put it on. I find that when this happens I need to accessorise more and do something interesting with my hair.
As the yellow jumper is baggy, when my hair was down it looked a little sad. But with my hair scrapped away from the sides of my face, and only worn over one shoulder it looks neater and happier. I really like this hair style as it makes me feel as if my hair is a lot longer than it actually is. I have parted my hair as it I were to put it into a bit-up-and-a-bit-down style. But instead I have lifted the top part up slightly, and gripped it with a blue and yellow jaw clip. This also means that when I need to reposition the clip, if my hair has lost it's "poof", I don't have to take it fully out and lose my style completely. I think it kind of looks like it's in a pony tail from the front, which gives the longer hair effect. If you grab hair from around half way behind your ear and scrape it back into the top, this can also give the effect of a longer ponytail.
A long necklace was an obvious choice, a chunky beady necklace it best as a ling chain would get lost in the knitted pattern of the jumper.  I wore a golden bracelet with small gemstones in, similar colours to the necklace, and had 2 gold rings (one on each hand, but on different fingers to spice things up a little, HeHe!)
October Sun Style!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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