Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Jerwood Space Visit

Hey Guys!
On Sunday, I went up to London to visit the Queen. Hehe! No, really I went to have a look around the Jerwood Space, which had the Drawing Prize exhibition on. I have to go visit it and take it all in for my art course, so I dragged the whole fam with me! Not gonna lie, I'd have rather gone to the Science Museum, but I suppose the Jerwood and the Tate Britain, which we also went to, will be more beneficial to me in my studies. Hopefully!
This was the outfit I wore. It was actually a little chillier than I was expecting so the chiffon top was probs not the best thing, but I did have a coat to keep me toasty. The top is just one layer of chiffon, which means it is easily see-through. Normally I'd wear a green bra, so it is visible but subtle as it goes with the green theme. But I couldn't find it Sunday morning, so I went with a nude one which I think looks just as good because there is alot of green uptop anyway. I chose a pair of yellow colour pop trousers, which compliment the bright green tones well. I added my green cardi over the top as the it is a more similar tone to the yellow of the trousers, keeping the overall palette more mid-toned rather than bright and in-your-face.
I wore my grey boots as they're most comfortable for pootling around town in, but brown pump-like shoes would probs have worked better.
I forgot any jewellery. Silly Me! But I'd probably have left any rings by a sink to be honest, so best that I didn't wear them!


The Jerwood Exhibition closes on the 28th October, I think. It was quite interesting as some artists focused more on their approach on the "Drawing" rather than the final piece itself. I liked the "Crossing the Line" animation if you do check it out. Now I just have to write it all up in my art journal. Funtimes!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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