Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 4th September!

Hey Guys!
Fancy some new musicallings to add to your playlist? Here are some of my suggestions...

1. Plan B- Deepest Shame
Deepest Shame is a total contrast to Plan B's previous release Ill Manors, in terms of style and sound. But underneath it is still about a modern issue, I suppose. I watched him perform this on the telly last weekend, and the way her speaks about his music shows how involved and how clever he is with his music. I can't really pinpoint what I like about this song, but it's a slower yet still enthralling.
Fave Bit: "There's no way back from here on out" I like the unusual pause between 'here' and 'on out'.

2. Ellie Goulding- Anything Could Happen
Ellie is back! I feel like this song is a mixture between a slow and dancey song. The verses are more meaningful with 'darkness', 'secrets' and 'war' referenced, but then the chorus build as we find out "Anything could happen" Really cute too, she (or probs someone from her "Team") has put together a lyric video with piccys sent in by her fans.
Fave Bit: I like the "ee...ee...ee...ee-ee!" part.

3. Karmin- Hello
As well as Brokenhearted, Karmin's new track "Hello" has been on repeat since I got their EP, also called "Hello". I have to say I absolutely love the styling for the video. The bold colours against the dark night night looks so pretty. I adore Amy's nail rings, and nail art, which I have recently found in River Island if you want to know where to try some on. Amy has such a cute little face, and then this "I'm on track so I'm gonna rap faster" voice comes out. And poor old Nick ends up cutting off all his hair, but he still looks like a li'l cutie pie.
Fave Bit:" Slayin' on it, prayin' on it, like a grim reaper", just the norm really!

4. Lawson- Standing in the Dark
Standing in the Dark was just announced on Sunday, as the 3rd single from Lawson's 1st ablum, Chapman Square. I've heard the song before from clippets when they were on tour, but there is now a studio version to listen too. I can tell you is sounds a lot better without all the screaming and thousand of addition backing singers.
Fave Bit:"She's dancing on the table" Average night out for me, hehe! "I'm looking through the glass, She's someone else's angel."

5. Amelia Lily- You Bring Me Joy
"Ameel-ya!" (Kelly Rowland accent) This is the latest X Factor UK act to release, loads have released from the last series already! Some not as sucessful as others, *cough* Bradley Johnson- Boomerang *cough*. But this is song of the better ones. The only thing I'm not too sure about is the start of the song, as it sound like it goes straight into the bridge and there's no build up or time for me to limber up to dance! But once I'm in the swing of it it's pretty good. She looks much better as a long haired platinum blonde rather than with pink and short hair. Now we just need The Risk to put out a tune becasue they were sooo good and I miss them!
Faev Bit: "And maybe we were built to break, And this loves a little more than we can take, Maybe we were built to last, And we're strong enough to break the past"
Check back soon for more Top Tunes!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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