Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 25th September!

Hey Guys!

Here's what I've been grooving out to this week:

1. Robbie Williams- Candy
I know this has been around a few weeks now, but my friend said it wasn't so good so I steered clear from it. But having woken up to it recently, I've decided I really like it! It's really poppy but the lyrics actually take a dig at the girl the song is about. It's Kaya Scodelario in the video, I thought I recognised her. It's weird thinking she's like 20, she looks way more grown up!
Fave bit: "Hey Ho, here she goes...dumdedum"

2. One Direction- Live While We're Young
I like to have a little guess as to how hotly anticipated songs will sound, and I wasn't too far from the actually tune of this! Some peeps have called it What Makes You Beautiful Mark II, but I think it's a little different. However with the lyrics, can you imagine little 7/8 year olds singing, "Tonight lets get some!".
Fave Bit: Zayn's bridge part, then it's time to PARTAAAY!

3. Calvin Harris- Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch
After the success of Calvin's remix of Florence and the Machine's Specturm, I'm not surprised they've decided to work together again! I actually think Florence's voice suits dancey songs really well, as well as slower songs. The video is a little angry, but quite cool and arty at the end where Flo and the man are acting the same way in different circumstances and places.
Fave Bit: When Calvin's beats start to get quicker as Florence chants "I'm living on such Sweet Nothing".

4. The Cab- Bad
Apparently this group are some of Ed Sheeran's friends, and they sound pretty cool. I didn't realise that the vid has been around for a year already! I've only just begun hearing it on the radio The video is really sweet mixing text and image, then a little saucy, and then ends like "Stop texting my girlfriend" awkward!
Fave Bit: I like how it starts out sounding accousticy then the music builds and his voice sound more powerful.

5. Conor Maynard- Turn Around ft. Ne-Yo
I know I mentioned this when the lyrics video came out. But here's the actual video and Conor is looking haaawt!

Laters peeps!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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