Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day Time Babysitting

Hey Guys!
Today I did some last minute babysitting for 3 children between 6-8. I'm a pro and regularly babysit for triplets so I thought this would be a standard trip. But silly me they assured me they were fine with lemonade at lunchtime, and they would not stop burping! Gross! Then we got the paint out and made out drink cans into microphones, because they give a good echoey effect. We wrapped them in tin foil and put glitter and foam letters around them. A handle can be made with the bottom of the tin foil wrap. A little tip for you to keep the kiddies entertained if you have several for a day!
Anyway, I thought I'd show you what I wore, because we also went to the parka and bought Ice Creams so this is a good park/river/picnic outfit. As you can see the main feature of the outfit are the hot looking pink leopard print leggings. Normally I'd think these look horribly tacky and wouldn't go anywhere near them. But I think it's more to do with how you dress them and the overall look as to how tacky they really look. I kept it simple with a white vest top and cropped denim jacket. This means there isn't an over load of clashing colours or pattern. I think that you could pair them with a patterned blouse, but be careful what style you choose. There are other legging designs that go better with a patterned top. The September issue of US Glamour mag, assured me that patterned leggings were hot right now- so here I am!
Oh, I also got my hair cut on Tuesday so I had my fringe put back in! Exciting times! I feel like I look alot older and more ready for next year now! It's not as wide as my previous fringe, so I've got to work out evening that out. I think at the mo it looks best in a high bun/top knot. I used to have a curly round bob with my blunt fringe, which looked cute and girly. Now I've got longer locks it looks more grown up.
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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