Saturday, 15 September 2012

Back to Work

Hey Guys!
After a luxuriously long summer holiday off work, I have now begun the new term again. I started back last week, and met all the new peeps and teachs. I just wore leggings, a white vest top, and my bold green cardi to that as I didn't know what we'd be doing. Top Tip for you there: Always bung on the leggings if you don't know what might be happening. They are flexible and durable. I could have been sat on a chair all day, in which case a pretty skirt and heels would have been fine. But on the other hand I could have been pretending to be a wiggly worm or been doing a super energetic dance throughout the day, in which case the skirt and heels may not have worked so well for me!
I went into town for one last shopping trip with my buds the other day, and I picked up this pretty dress on the sale rail in Primark. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a total cheapskate and even in Primark I usually make my purchases from the sale rail. It was £15 but now only £5, and I'm sure by the time you might get there it could even be £3! As you can see and read from my previous posts, I'm not usually a full pattern outfit kinda person. But I just let all my inhibitions go when I bought this dress. I chose black tights, which are a little thicker than regular tan tights, because we're coming into the chillier months now and boy do I whinge when I'm cold. So for the benefit of others I'm begun to dress warmer. There is black detail in the floral and birdy pattern of the dress and also on the thin belt, collar and button holes. This meant my cari and tight didn't look out of place. I chose brown dollie shoes because I don't actually own any black flat shoes. I tend to end up going for white shoes with black tights, which never looks that good really.
The dress is actually elasticated around the waist which really helps the material of the dress to blouse really well. The addition of the thin black belt emphasises this as it break the white block in to two smaller sections. It also looks as if the belt is making the top part blouse-sneaky. This style of top or dress is flattering on a body shape like mine, because the baggy chiffon makes your chest appear more existent but it can still emphasise a small waist.
Take a looksie!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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