Friday, 24 August 2012


Hey Guys!
On Wednesday I went to London to go the Victoria & Albert Museum. I was meant to go on Tuesday but when I was woken up and told it was time to go, I decided I really couldn't face walking all day after a hard days cleaning on Monday. But I managed to pull myself out of bed and off to London we went on Wednesday. I went to the V&A to see their exhibition on dresses since 1950. Some of the dresses were totally gorg! I had to pick up a postcard of a designers work that inspired me for my art course next year. But there weren't any singular postcards from the exhibition in the shop, so I went and bought a pack of 16. Logical thinking, hehe!
This is what I decided to wear. It had to be something comfortable, as we were on our feet all day (even on the trains there and back, I usually manage to nab a seat but it was chocca). I'm not gonna lie, I didn't really think this outfit through as much as I should have. It wasn't meant to be a particularly hot or sunny day. But of course if you have footless tights on under leggings, you're going to be a little toastier than others. Also, a woolly, knitted top probs isn't best in summer, no matter how thin it appears. Silly me! The pale coral knitted top is the second item I bought in the Zara sale last week. Because it is quite a thin top, I chose a black bra underneath with the idea that it would be slightly visible. But in the piccy below you can't really see it. It would have tied in with the black cardi and leggings. I only really had one choice of shoes, and it was these. They go with the outfit which is lucky, due to their brown, neutral colour. These shoes have a little band across the top of the shoe, so it keeps my foot inside the shoe when I'm jumping on and off the train and tube. I nearly lost a shoes before so I don't want that to actually happen!
A simple bit-up-bit-down pin up hair is a great style for when its warm and you still want your hair down. It means that there's not as much weight from the hair on you back and neck, keeping you cooler. It's so quick and easy and it looks quite smart, if you want it to. I just gently pull back hair from above each ear and pin it into place. Then I can pull back addition little curls with more pins. I usually fiddle around with my hair as I get ready for bed and get it looking really nice then. but when I try in the morning it looks so bad! HeHe!

Oodles and Toodles
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