Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 7th August 2012!

Hey Guys!

I thought I'd try venturing into a little musical territory. I've seen alot of people with Music Mondays, but on Mondays I'm usually still recapping on the charts and listening to the new entries. But by Tuesday I have already overplayed them and I begin looking for new music. I thought I'd tell you about a few new songs I've got playing this week (and hopefully have a link so you can listen to them). They aren't necessarily new as in they've just been put out there, but I haven't heard them before and I thought you might like to hear them too.
Ok, let's get started:

1.Parade- Light Me Up
   I cannot stop listening to this song! It's such a boppypoppy song that I can't help but practise my music video skills to in front of the mirror to! It gets a little dupstepy, I think, around the middle 8 which it could sound as good with out. But it gives me time to catch my breath after busting out some seriously uncool moves, hehe! It's a free download so check it out.
Fave Bit: The first "Light Me Up" gets me ready to party!

2. Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen- Good Time
    This is a really good party song which I can image everybody singing along to at the beginning of September, when it's released. I like how it's such  happy "Good Time" song and there's not much depth in meaning so I can happily bop along to the woah oh oh oh oh bits.
Fave Bit: Carly sings "Freaked out dropped my phone in the pool again" and I saw a comment below the video saying 'she dropped her phone in the pool? I guess we can't call her maybe." I find it funny every time!

3. Diana Vickers- Colours and Boy in Paris
    I first heard Colours last week and when I went to investigate it on the Youtube I found Boy in Paris too. Lucky me! We've not heard much from Diana of late, but I know she did co-write a song for Enrique. Both of these songs are so gosh darn catchy!
Fave Bit: "We're more beautiful then yellow, but you're heart is beating blue, and you're seeing only rainbows, while the stars fall through" Naww!

4. Lawson- Taking Over Me
    I'm bad guys, I have a new popcrush every month and this month I've got Lawson love! I spent the other day just watching ALL of their "getting to know Lawson" little videos. I love it when artists do the behind-the-scenes because we get to see the individual personalities of them all. This song is out NOW and charted a number 4 on the iTunes chart on Sunday.
Fave Bit: "I can pull you closer in a moment just like this, I could stop the world with only just your kiss" Oh stop, I'm blushing!

5. Conor Maynard- Turn Around
    Sorry but this little hottie will probs be making a regular appearance in these music posts. He's so cute with his little jokes and funny voices in interviews, silly tweets and obvs that beaut of a face, HeHe! But anyway his music is super catchy too. I bought his album last week and I haven't taken it off repeat since. So it's either super good or I broke my iPod! This is just one of my favourites from his album, Contrast, but I've included it because I've heard it's going to be his next single. It features Ne-Yo, whose own new song is descent too, and it's a real "we can do this together" song.
Fave Bit: Conor's lyricing  ♥
Ok, I'll stop now...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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