Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 28th August!

Hey Guys!
Hears what I've been listening to this week:

1. Ed Drewett- Summer
I love Ed Drewett's music, and lucky me he's just put out a new song called Summer. It's a little late as we're nearly in Autumn, but I suppose it suits the sunnier weather we're having now rather than the rain at the beginning of the Summer. Ed kind of has a talking singing voice, but it is also really sweet sounding. Ed is one of the men behind The Wanted's hits "Glad You Came" and "Lightening", so he's a pretty cool dude! I also love his songs "Good Morning" and especially "Drunk Dial"(I don't know where the original video has gone for that?)
Fave Bit:"When you go, The night I know just died, But it's fine, Next week you're mine," (I think)

2. The Noisettes- That Girl
This song has a little old school feel to it, as if there could be three background singers all dancing in time to the beat, clicking their fingers. I think it's 1950's sounding. This song was released on 13th August and it accompanies their new album "Contact" released 27th August (yesters).
Fave Bit: "If I was playing, baby, you'd be sorry...Baby end of story" I think it sounds so good when they both sing along, like earlier in the song.

3. Leona Lewis- Trouble ft. Childish Gambino
This is almost like the ballads that Leona does best, but it's not so dramatic and "Woe is me". I think it sounds more like she's over the "Woe is me" and she's trying to tell others she's "Trouble" and dramatic and ward them off. However, it sounds like she's too late. It's really different to her previous release "Collide", but I still love it.
Fave Bit: "I told you you should never follow me, But here we are and you’re in too deep" or from the Childish Gambino fellow "We were something together, but I wouldn't call it a team" Clever chap!

4. Dizzee Rascal- Scream ft. Pepper
This song was the Official Olympic Song of the London 2012 Olympic Games, but I hadn't heard it in full until after the games. I noticed that Dizzee got the chance to sing bits of it in the opening ceremony. Once I gave it a listen though, I decided it was a little bit of a tune. I have no idea who Pepper is, but she sounds so uplifting on the chorus. I do feel it Pepper, I will scream it from my heart and do you proud (hehe!). The only thing is that it does come to quite an abrupt end, and it's only 2:38 long. I feel that once I'm just getting into my groove, it's cut a little short.
Fave Bit: "I couldn't give a damn not even the slightest, My swags on point and my flows the tightest" Yeah, 'cause I gots me some swag, hehe!
"Boy it's lonely at the top, But it's overcrowded at the bottom" Good Point Dizzee.

5. Rita Ora- Radioactive
I was going to put Taylor Swift's new one up, but I figured that's been massive like everywhere so most peeps know about that. So I decided to let you in on an album track I'm loving! Rita Ora's debut album "ORA" was released yesterday (27th) and this is the second track on it. Boy does it get me in the party mood! Thinking I might have to purchase myself a copy of the album! Btw, I totes love her hair, she's so pretty.
Fave Bit: "Palms to the sky" when the beats kick in! Party/Pardy/Part-ay time!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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