Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Top Tunes Tuesday 21st August!

Hey Guys!

Top Tunes Tuesday this week includes:

Recently I went to a recording of the TV show “Red or Black”, and we were keeps in the dark about the performance. But it was Cover Drive! I’ll admit that I had no clue of how the song they performed went, but I still enjoyed bopping away. I found that the song was called “Explode” and it is serving as their 4th single from their album, Bajan Style. The single version on the song sees Cover Drive team up with Dappy, but I prefer the album version.
Fave Bit: “My world is your snow globe, You turn me upside down, You know I like the shake, You make my heart quake” Cute Analogy!

I’ve got nothing to hide; I love Kelly Clarkson’s anthemic songs. With her big lungs and a groovy beat, I can’t help but love them. This song is released in promotion with Pepsi, I think, where they’ve got several American stars to record songs in support of their home teams.
Fave Bit: The chorus has background “Get up, get up” repeated throughout, so that makes it really easy to sing-a-long with, which is all I want to do with this song! Also like the "I wanna be a Cowboy, Ba-by!" bit.

Finally, Fazer has put out his own song! After supporting both Dappy and Tulisa to achieve their number one tunes, Fazer has now offered us his own musicalling. It’s a really cool dance track with a few dubstep beats thrown into the mix. I hope it charts well, it’s released 26th August.
Fave Bit: “The way she moves like Shakira” Who needs the moves like Jagger now?

I’m lead to believe that this song is actually a cover of Kathy Brown’s 1994 dance track “Turn Me Out”. But anyway, I love the fun and light hearted vibes of the song because I think it shows the fun personality of 2 Shoes that, deep down inside, we all love. I’m feeling for a second single they should show off their voices with a less dancey song so we can hear them properly.
Fave Bit: “Turn me on, turn me out, make me scream, make me shout”

Jessica Jarrell- Up and Running (Blast from the Past Alert!)
Well, I was caj just thinking of something old that I used to listen to, to mix things up in my usual playlist, and this cracker popped up! I think it was 2010ish I must have been listening to this and I just remember how catchy it was, and still is. I don’t really know if she’s been up to much since back then, apart from the song Almost Love (24/7) which is annoyingly catchy. I swear I don’t even really like that song!
Fave Bit: “We’re going in al-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l throughhh the night, come on let’s get it up and running”

I’ll have to hit up the links later, but I’m sure you can pop it into YouTube yourself!
Keep Dancing!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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