Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Suicide Roll

Hey Guys!
I know that I said I would post this little post about the 1940’s hair I wore on Friday, over the weekend, but my internet has been soo poopey that I literally couldn’t do anything on it. It’s coming back to me, slowly but surely so I thought I’d have a crack at putting it on now even if it kills me!
This is the post I am talking about, and I’m going to talk you though how to do it. I have created what I think is called a “Suicide Roll” and I have no idea why it’s called that, I think it’s quite cute really. I got this idea of wearing my hair like this from Amy from the band Karmin. She has even been kind enough to put a video online about how she does her roll. I watched this vid at the beginning of the year, maybe earlier! My way is very similar but slightly different because my hair type (frizzball I’m trying to pass off as curly) and style (grown out fringe) are not the same as hers.

You will need: Kirby Grips/Bobby Pins, thin-toothed plastic comb, thin-toothed (bristle) rounded hairbrush, hairspray-optional.

I start by gathering my grown out fringe brushing it all out. This results in a smaller roll because fringes aren’t usually as far back as Amy’s full section. Also because there is less hair in this one, I don’t find that I need to backcomb the hair in as many sections. I usually go with 4 horizontal strips. Starting from the back section of the fringe (middle of the head) I use a thin-toothed comb and brush downwards from the root working my way to about ¾ or to the tip. Once I’ve backcombed the section I just let it fall to the back of my head, like Amy does.  I complete this action with the rest of the 3-4 strips. Now they’re all done, I grab the fringe and hold it forward and used a rounded bristle brush to smooth out the hair around the outside (the hair touching my hand when I grab it). I find a bristled hairbrush works better, because I’m worried of undoing the backcombing if I use the comb again.

Now this bit might get a little complicated to understand reading without seeing it. I usually twist the hair inwards towards my right, like Amy does so the video might be easier to understand. Since my grown out fringe is shorter than Amy’s section, I don’t have to twist the ends as much as she does. To form the roll I use two fingers and my thumb, grab the fringe (about half to ¾ of the way down and turn it upwards (so the ends point upwards, towards my face), effectively folding it in half. Then to produce the roll shape, I bring up the folded hair so my two fingers are touching my hairline (roots) and my thumb is resting against my forehead. You can then reposition and work on getting the right shape my removing your thumb from the equation and gently moving your fingers around. Once I’ve got the perfect peak, I insert a Kirby grip from the side where my fingertips peak out of. Then you can decide where else is best to fix after that, I only tend to use 3 or 4 grips. Once you’ve finished grab the hairspray and as Amy says “Spray the shenanigans out of it!” I don’t always need to do this because I find the curly nature of my hair keeps it all together.

Thinking about it I probably should have taken pictures as I did it or even done a video, but you can watch Amy’s if you need a little help. In the photos below, I have added some simple twists to the sides because I thought my head looked a little tall and thin and un-head like! To do these simply grab a thin (2-3inches along the top) vertical strip of hair and twist towards your head. You want to twist in the direction that makes the front of the section come up and around to the back of the section. I use a wider, upside-down triangular section on my right (the side the roll faces) because the roll shifts volume and weight on to the other side already. These are secured with more Kirby grips and hairspray if you fancy.

VoilĂ !

Oodles and Toodles
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