Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Spa Treatment Day!

Hey Guys!Today I went to a little Beauty Salon place and had a couple of relaxing treatments. The first was a Seaweed Mask, which I thought might be a very pale, almost minty, green and it might be quite thick but easy to get off. Wrong! It was a bright, bold, deep green thin paste which almost stained my bra and knickers bright green! As the Seaweed Mask was doing it's thing, I had a lovely facial. I've not done a pamper day before but it was really good, especially as me and my friends had a voucher so we each got our two treatments for a little over £25. Total Barg!
This is what I wore. We mooched around town for a bit too so I had to dress for the chilly weather outside. I've seen sooo many people wearing the puffa jacket-styled gillet over the top of a hoodie, and this outfit is my take on that look. I am a Kylie (label, not singer. Although I quite like her too) addict. It's the teen girls wear at M and Co, and literally their sales are the best. They've had a 70% off for a couple of months now and now we're at the point where skirts are £2 when they were originally £10! Even their full price items don't cost the earth. So natch I completed my 4th, and hopefully final, shop there. I bought the quilted salmon pink gillet for £7.50. I love it because it's a little different to everybody else's and my friends said they loved it today. Win, win situation. I teamed it with a floral hoodie because I thought it looked more creative. The pale cornmeal colour of the hoodie worked better with the gillet's tone of pink, then a mid-grey hoodie did. I chose a plain white vest top to wear underneath as the colour and pattern was all in the jacket. I've got my pink camouflage converse style trainers on, to keep the relaxed/chilled/casual and pink colour throughout the outfit. I chose black tights because it was a wee bit chilly outside, but tan tights or bare legs would have worked just as well.
The shorts are another purchase from the Kylie sale, 13/13+ fit (just about, but much better than my size 8 big girls shorts!). Although it is a little embarrassing when mothers come in with their 11 year old daughters and I'm there like "Hey, I'm 18 and this is totally normal"!They are made to be worn at this length, but I can also turn them up easily and evenly which is good so I can get two different looks from them.
Oh, and my is (was) straight this week! It battled through the wing today, but I'm liking the Kate Middleton Blowdry-esque look.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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