Friday, 3 August 2012

Smart with Sandals

Hey Guys!
I've literally done nothing this week, so I haven't worn any pretty outfits to show you. But here is one from not too long ago. I took the photos with the intention to post them her, but I forgot. Oops!
This is an outfit I wore to college, on a lovely warm and sunny day. I have days when I like looking chic and smart at college, but I don't want people to think I'm over doing it. This feeling comes usually on a sunny day where the combination of good clothes and good weather makes you feel totes amaze!
This skirt has a wide black elasticated waistband, but the rest of it is loose, allowing my legs to keep cooler in the sun (But that makes it a little tricky when standing up after sitting on the grass. I've learnt one swift movement and nobody will notice a little disgraceful moment!). I've teamed it with a simple fitted black vest top to keep quite a simple colour palette. I also wore a black cardigan. although you will be warmer in dark colours in the sun, as they absorb the heat, I find that if I have my legs and arms out I don't feel the effect as much. A white cardigan would also work well and go well with the almost monochrome scheme. A white cardigan is great in the sun because it should reflect the heat more in warm weather (Yes, this colour science may be the only thing I picked up through getting 2 As in Science GCSEs!), and it also protects your neck, arms and back if you are out in direct sunlight for a while. But obvs wear suncream too, it can be good for you skin even if it's not a sunny day.
The colour of the outfit comes through the orange/tan sandals which go with my sparkly red nails. Although I think my toes nails are a "Bright Purple". The purple probs goes better with the rest of the outfit as it isn't as bold as the red, and so fits with the subdued colours better.
I also have straight hair for this outfit! So much easier to make it look presentable when it's straight! Straight hair also makes my feel like I'm doing more for the smart-chic-caj thing.
Have a looksey:
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