Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Quick, While the Sun is Still Out!

Hey Guys!
I thought I'd slip in a cheeky post with some sunshine in it before we return to the rain and miserable weather again!
I have a simple patterned playsuit with a cropped denim jacket over the top. I wore plain white shoes as there is a lot of pattern on the playsuit, so that's where I want the eyes to be drawn to.
Playsuits are great in the summery weather because they allow for more boisterous behaviour, because of the shorts style at the bottom. My playsuit here is made from light, thin fabric so in the sun I don't get too hot. They are also great if you're trying for that golden tan, as the playsuit covers mostly the area covered by a swimsuit. But not so much if your a bikini wearer! Also, be careful about where you sit and what you sit on. I'm displaying a lovely example of this in the photos below! (I've just checked on the post, and it's not too visible actually!)
I have kept my hair off my back and tied it up in a pony tail. With my shorter layers at the front, from growing out my fringe, I have french plaited my hair across and fastened it with a couple of Kirby grips. It is an easy way to practise learning how to do a french plait. This was how I started and, I'm not gonna lie, I think I'm pretty good now (with smaller plaits anyway!). I usually start the fringe plait around where I would usually wear a side parting, and I finish it where I would wear a side parting on the other side- maybe a little further nearer the temple, so it stays flatter. So the french plait features across the very top of your head only, really. I finish plaiting the rest of my fringe and then pin it back around the side of my head- don't tie it off as it won't blend it as nicely. If you plait first, then tie the pony tail, the ends of your fringe should be more discrete as they are overlapped my hair going into the pony tail.
It's also a nice way to get your fringe out of your face and wear you hair down with it. I love the looks of it when it's alot looser, but Imma have to wait my fringe to grow out a fair bit more to try that!
I don't like the bad weather, I can't wear pretty clothes and the photos look duller and not as happy as when the sun comes out!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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