Sunday, 29 July 2012

Look what I made! Handmade Ring-Bracelet Combo

Hey Guys!The Accessorize down the road it having one of their amazing 70% off sales at the moment, so I headed on down to pick up a couple of bargins. Back in February, I found an ideal chain to use in making my own ring-bracelet. But it was £6 and for a cheap skate like me that was too much when I was going to chop it up anyway. But lucky me, I found one left in the sale and I got it for £1.80, so waiting for the sale paid off.
I already had the ring which I attached the chains to, but I can easily change the ring in I find a more suitable one. I used small jump rings and jewellery pliers to make the piece, which I'm really chuffed with.
I was inspired by this ring-bracelet combo Caggie Dunlop wore on an episode of Made In Chelsea- I can't remember when.

Caggie's is from Urban Outfitters
 I made it whilst watching a whole day of Olympic events. I'm literally glued to it all! Ta-dah!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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