Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lazy Lunch

Hey Guys!
On Tuesday, I went round to a friend's house to have lunch with my little group. I normally over dress for every occasion. But I told myself I would have a better time in more relaxed clothing and I'd be more comfortable too.
I went to pick up a friend and we shared a lift to the hostess' house. I told her it was the moment of truth when she opened the door to me. If she was all glammed up, I'd have felt like a doofus and realised I didn't get the memo. But luckily she was in leggings too so I was safe there!
I love the jumper I have on in this outfit. It's new and I know it's a bit late on the chunky/over sized knit bandwagon, but I felt it was important to invest in a statement piece that really suits me and allows me to look my best, even on a lazy day! Yellow is always a trendy colour for the Summer (what there is of it!). This mustard yellow is a couple of shades darker than a summery yellow, this will allow me to carry this look through A/W too as it's quite an autumnal colour. I love the a-symmetric hem line, shorter at the front and longer at the back. I'd love a drop hem skirt, with the same finish as this, but maybe the jumper will keep me warmer in the current weather state.
I just teamed the top with some plain black leggings and plain shoes. A little out of the norm for me, I also chose to wear some jewellery with the outfit. I don't normally as I always lose my rings when washing my hands! But I went for a little cross necklace (this was actually the first necklace I ever bought-that's why the chain isn't a shiny silver any more!) and a black and silver star shape ring. I would have said use gold accessories initially, but the silver works well I think, for a more dressed down look.
I wore minimal make-up, just mascara and a tiny bit of eyeliner, and scraped my hair back in to a high bun to complete my casual look.
Check it out:

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