Saturday, 7 July 2012

Blackhead Removal Face Mask

Hey Guys!
I'm venturing into a little beauty post here!
I was looking at lots of make-up and nail tutorials on YouTube the other day, and I came across lots about home made masks to remove spots, scarring and blackheads. So I thought I'd give you a little idea about the result of a certain toothpaste face mask.
For this face mask you will need: Toothpaste, Table Salt, a bowl, and a little spoon.
What the face mask claims to do: Reduce/Remove blackheads on your face.
Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste into the bowl. It was difficult to judge how much, but it's less than you'd think- if that makes sense, maybe a lumped tea spoon full? If there's any mixture left over you could always wrap it in clingfilm and use it at a later date. Pour your table salt in with the toothpaste and mix together. Probably a little less than the amount of toothpaste you have. Mix the two together with the end of yous spoon. And this is it! This is the concoction that you are about to put all over you face! Tasty! (but really it isn't. I got some on my lips when cleaning it all off and it is gross, way salty!)
Using the right end of your spoon, apply the mask to the affected areas and leave for 5 minutes. OMG! I put it around my nose, a typical place for blackheads, and it have never tingled sooo much! I was beginning to almost smell the minty fresh taste in my nose! Also you might want to keep a  tissue at hand and not apply the toothpaste mixture to your "Nasal Septum" (the bit between your nostrils). This is because my nose was literally running like a tap, the minty freshness got too much for me! Gross! The lady in the video didn't have this problem. But she did cut away for the 5 minutes!
After the 5 minutes, gently exfoliate the mixture into your skin. Do this by using your index and middle fingers together and move them in a small circular movement. By the time I'd applied the mixture to all my affected areas (and sorted out my nose!) five minutes was up on the first place I'd applied the face mask. So the time goes quite quickly. This bit is best done over a skin, but also near a mirror. Some bits fall off as you rub it into your skin. You don't need to press very hard onto your skin, because as the salt crystals are quite big they work with low pressure against them.
Then use warm water to gently remove the face mask. After the initial mixture is off, I used a warm flannel to pat and clean off the residue. Then pat dry with a clean towel.
My skin felt really weird after this process. It felt like my skin was all minty fresh, and there was a constant cool breeze feeling for a while afterwards.
I can't say my skin looked particularly blackhead free. I think that the idea is that the whitening feature of the toothpaste effectively discolours the skin to make the blackheads less visible. But my skin did feel ever so soft, and this lasted for a few day too.
I'm sorry for the lack of photos, but I only thought about posting it once I'd finished. So here is a photo of what the remnants of my toothpaste face mask looked like. Don't judge me about the bowl. It's just the way I roll! HeHe!:

I've also seen a video about a baking soda mask, so maybe I'll give that a go.
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