Friday, 29 June 2012

Work Wear 3

Hey Guys!
This is an outfit that I wore to work the other day, before we broke up for summer. I was excited to wear it as the whole outfit was new, and I love the feeling of strutting around in brand spanking new clothes!
The mustard yellow jeans probably create the stand out colour for the outfit, which is why I chose a simple, loose-fitting, plain white top. The gold buttons down the centre of the top are a similar colour scheme to the trousers (ish). You may notice that the top is the same style as in the previous post. Not gonna lie, I went back the next week to get the pink top becasue I loved to appearence of the white top I bought originally! I've also done this with the trousers, I have bought a pair of tobacco/beige colour jeans in the same style. If there's a style that suits you well, why not stock up in one of every colour?
I adore the shoes! I've been looking for some heeled brogue look shoes for ages and now I finally have some. They are such a comfortable height but are still reasonable high. I have found that I'm much more comfortable in chunky heels as I'm more steady on them. For a first pair of heels I would probably suggest a pair like this, as the chunky heel will give you confidence to work towards stiletto heels. These shoes are good for everyday wear, allowing you to practice more often, but also great for an evening shindig- so you can put practice into use.
It was funny weather on that particualr day. You know the kind when its raining & miserable one minute then sunny & hot the next. It was like this consistently throughout the day. So I added a dark blue cardi, which matched the shoes.
The pi├Ęces de r├ęsistance of this outift is the gorgeous silk square scarf! I was given it as a birthday present from a friend and I literally squeeled when I opened it. (Little bit embarressing for us as we were in a busy restaraunt!) It's so soft and chic! I've added an extra photo for you today to show of the beautiful design on the back, complete with tigers too!
Check it out!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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