Sunday, 24 June 2012

Purple Water Marbled Nail Art

Hey Guys!
Finally, my exams are over! My life officially begins, (or ends, depending on the outcome of the results, HeHe!) I haven't been able to post a regularly as I had hoped because of the exams, but now I can post to my heart's content!
Here is what I did to take a break from revision last week. I told myself it was an effective revision method, because as they dry I've got nothing better to do than look at all my notes!
I painted my nails with a white base, and did the usual two coats of colour with a base and top coat. I've been using a new nail strengthener, because mine are awful (!), and I use this underneath one base coat. It really works!
Then I used small little plastic pot, which I threw into the recycling afterwards as there's no point trying to remove the nail polish that's left over. (I actually used a little plastic tray that mint chocolate thins are kept in, nifty!) Then I applied generous drops of nail polish into the water, trying to put different drops of colour onto of each other. It works well if the drops of nail polish spread as they land in the water as it acts as a little barrier for the other drops. Then I used a little cocktail stick to "marble" and merge the colours together. Don't over do it because otherwise you'll just end up mixing the colours. As I said when I previously tested water marbling, it is a great waste of nail polish so try not to drop in too much polish on your first attempt because realistically, your not going to cover more than one nail before it dries! It gets better with practice.
I used two types of purple and the white when I marbled. I used the white so I didn't get any bare parts on my nails. Try not to make the base colour (mine was white) too thick because I think this is what makes it chip easier. Maybe one layer would do then marble on top. My nail varnish always chips quickly and I think it's because I apply thick layers.
Have a look at the outcome of my Water Marbled:

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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