Friday, 1 June 2012

Pub Quiz Chic

Hey Guys!I shouldn't really be posting right now, I've got too much other (and boring!) work to do. But I thought I'd slip in a cheeky post quickly.
So, the other night I went to a pub quiz- I know, what an exciting social life I lead, HeHe!- and this is the little outfit I put together for it.
As it was an evening thing, I usually go for the black colour theme and I chose white/pale beige as an accent colour to create contrast. Black can be a slimming colour, but I think that it doesn't work so well when the entire outfit is black, which is why I chose the pale shorts. These paper bag waist shorts aren't fitted, so they are loose around the top of my thigh. I think that this allows the black leggings to act as a slimming illusion. (I also have black tights on underneath, which makes me feel like my legs look slimmer as they hold everything in! I'm sure I've mentioned but they're great for then your leggings become a little see through.) I tucked a star print chiffon top into the shorts, as I love high waisted pieces. They can elongate the appearance of your legs and make your waist look smaller (and keep the food baby down if it's a wide waistband!)
The pale beige shorts, white star print and beige fluff on the boots makes the whole outfit complete as I have carried the accent colour through out the outfit.
Naturally we came last, but, hey, we got a little losers prize, so it's not all bad!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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