Thursday, 28 June 2012

Art Foundation Taster Day Outfit

Hey Guys!
So on Monday I went to a taster day at the University I'm thinking of going to next year. I wanted an outfit that looked pretty, but that was also practical, as it was a taster day for an Arts Foundation course, so I had no idea what we'd be doing!
I chose leggings as the main article to base the choice for the rest of the clothes around. This is becasue they are easy to move in and breathable (it was a lovely day, as you'll see from the piccys). The real reason was that I wore these leggings in my A2 Art exam and I got hot glue and goodness knows what else all over them, so they're my messy leggings really! That's what the little white splodge is on one of the knees- it's more noticable in real life. I didn't wear any tights underneath, so you can see how see through your leggings can actually get, without you even realising!
I teamed the leggings with a long salmon pink top with white detail on it. Although when wearing it to London the other day, my friend and I called it more of a Pink Lemonade colour. Sounds prettier! Again, this was because it was loose fitting, so it's easy to move about in. Also, I love my colour blocking, so the pink stands out from the otherwise monochrome colour scheme. I wore a little, cropped white cardigan to protect my arms. White probably wasn't the best colour for an arty day, but it didn't really matter as you'll see when I tell you what we actually did. I think that because the top is longer than an average top length, the cropped length of the cardigan works well. But I think for future reference, a cardi the same length would probs work best. The pale flat dollie-style shoes, finish the outift nicely because it links the white at the top (Cardigan) to the white in the middle (Top Detail) and brings white down to the bottom (Shoes).

In the end, I needn't have worried about getting my clothes dirty becasue we did wire work. So afterwards my nails and finger tips were in the worst damage. Oh Well!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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