Monday, 2 April 2012

Work Wear 2

Hey Guys!
Last week to work, I chose to go with a little Granny style! I chose a simple cotton dress and wore it with a short sleeves white top underneath (as it was a little nippy). I teamed it with a little cardigan which has beautiful buttons. They are gold with small pale blue jewel-like decoration in the centre. This gives the cardigan an old time appeal. The pearl necklace really emphasises the older look I went for. I kept my hair neat in a pony tail. It's actually been straightened here, but as it's in a ponytail you can't really tell. Straight hair is so much easier to work with and it leaves a much cleaner silhouette. I added a purple bow as it evens out the accessories, with a necklace then the belt. By splitting your outfit into thirds, it can give the effect of elongating your figure. The belt is quite a thin width and just emphasise my waist as the rest of the outfit is quite baggy. For a modern twist on your Granny Chic, why not wrap it around twice or knot the belt. I chose nearly opaque black tights and black shoes with a little heel. If I'd have chosen fully opaque black tights the look wouldn't have come together as well because the darkest piece is around my shoulder and arms. Then it gets paler, working in thirds again.
A new environment for the piccy too. Exciting!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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