Monday, 23 April 2012

Summer Stripes Nails

Hey Guys!It's been busy back at college, so I'm soo sorry I haven't posted sooner. However, I did have time to paint my nails, so I thought I'd share that with you!
This techniques uses sellotape and scissors. I tried two methods to get the stripes painted.
1. Paint each individual stripe. Cut the sellotape into small strips which are long enough to go side to side on your nail. They should be the width that you desire the stripes on you nails to be. I used sellotape to cover up parts of the nail I didn't want orange, then painted my nail varnish over my whole nail. Because I only had 3 small strips of nail exposed, these are the only parts that get covered. It is important to remove the sellotape quite quickly after you have covered the nail, as otherwise the polish part drys and peels off with the tape. I applied a clear top coat to these stripes once they had dried. Afterwards, I applied new strips of tape. These strips of tape now go over the orange I had previously painted so I could paint a different coloured strip above. This time I used my dark pink colour and repeated the steps as I did with the orange. Once I had let my 2nd top coat dry I completed the same steps with my purple colour.
2. Paint a base colour and add 2 colours of stripes on top. The second way I tried was to paint the rest of my nails orange as a base colour, with a top coat on top like normal. Then I used my sellotape in the same way but I started by making pink stripes, and completed the same steps really. I will admit that doing it this way took me 3 days with waiting for my colours to dry completely as the base coat it thicker.
I found that applying a top coat after each colour applied, helped when removing the sticky tape. If I didn't apply a top coat the base orange colour came off when I removed the sticky tape. Not Cool!
I think I prefer the first method, but it requires more concentration to line up all the stripes so you don't miss any bits.
The colours I chose make me feel all summery and almost remind me of deckchairs at the beach! Enjoy!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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