Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Summer Wear!

Hey Guys!

Finally the hot weather has arrived and my college wear has instantly been injected with summer vibes!

This outfit has a colour pop, bold red skirt with a plain white v-neck t-shirt, teamed with a cropped denim jacket. I originally wanted to wear a simple white vest to with it, but I think that the t-shirt works well as a necklace shape space is available. Without a necklace it appeared quite bear, and I don't normally wear necklaces. But a small pendant look subtle, yet still noticeable. I'm actually wearing the middle part of a three-part friendship heart necklace!

I felt that the skirt was a teeny bit too short to wear with bare legs, so I whipped out the tan coloured tights. It is so important to get the correct shade of tan in these tights. Other wise they become too obvious, and the Kate Middleton look it ruined! I've even found some which appear slightly stripey and orange, the perfect fake tan effect! HeHe! Sometimes for the evening it is nice to have a slight shine or gloss- these may sometimes be called sheer tights. This can make your legs look really toned as they feel like they have slightly tighter elastic woven in.

I have a pair of red wedges on which have a woven straw wedge. I think that anything which is made with woven straw- be it hats, bags or shoes- can instantly give a summery feel to a look. Lush!
Cheeky: Believe it or not the cropped jacket is actually aged 5-6 years! I've had it since then and it's been through me and all my sisters! This is a great way of recycling old clothes. Also, I can imagine that down at a charity shop a child's denim jacket is going to be far cheaper than an adults one. It is brilliant, as long as you want a cropped look. Something tells me if you want full length sleeves, you might have to buy your actual size!

I love the sunshine!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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