Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Leopard Print Nails

Hey Guys!
So after giving my nails a mammoth break from nail varnish, I gave up and decorated them again! I have seen leopard print designs around quite a lot recently, and I saw a demonstration on the telly not too long ago. First, I painted my base coat and base colour. I applied two coats of base colour to give a bold colour. I then painted small dots over my nails. I chose a colour that really stood out against my base colour. I applied lots of dots into a small area on my nails to get the optimum leopard print effect. Then, a neat trick is to use a liquid eye-liner, pen or brush it doesn't really matter, and draw between two & three little lines around the dots. The liquid eyeliner is a great idea as the brush is so much smaller. There's no need for an expensive one, so at a couple of pounds can be cheaper than a pot of nail varnish! It's important to wait for he eyeliner to dry before you go over with your top coat, as you don't want to contaminate it and make it grey! As always apply another layer of top coat everyday to ensure long lasting nails.
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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