Friday, 2 March 2012

College Wear

Hey Guys!
This is a rare insight into what I wear to college. Normally it's a very quick throw on of the clothes then I race out of the door to the bus. This tends to result in outfits that don't look too special. But I like this outfit as it is casual but still cute.
The basic outfit is a blue bodycon dress and leggings. I have added a chunky knit cardigan over the top and belted it around my waist. On my figure, this emphasises my waist and gives the effect of having some sort of booty! I've had compliments all day about the cardigan and my hair bow. I think that the bow adds a vintage look, a slight 50's edge. I love the 50's hair and make-up!
Blue is mentioned as one of this seasons key colours, but a bolder, royal blue would suit the season better, I think. Yellow is also a key colour, in spring it always is!
What do you guys wear to school/college/work?
(Didn't realise how pale my eyes look in the photo. Also li'l bit ill at the mo, so that's why I look ghostly and drained)

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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