Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Me Hearty Nails (Requires Pirate Voice!)

Hey Guys,
Lucky you, I've come back to post more!
A couple of weeks ago I tried these nails with little heart designs in the middle of each nail.
To create the look I used a bold pink colour and applied two layers, as I would normally on top of a base coat. Wait for this to dry! (Important step, I never learn) Then I used envelope stickers and put them onto my dry nails, and drew a heart shape that would look proportional on each nail. Sometimes, this is easier to do before you start painting to be sure you don't smudge the under colour. Then cut out the heart stencils and place them in the centre, or other, on each nail. Simply paint over each nail with a think layer of nail varnish. I used a deep plum purple to create a strong contrast in colours and allow the hearts to stand out. After painting the 2nd colour on one hand carefully remove the sticker stencils. This should be reasonably easy if the bottom point of the heart is close to your nail beds. It shouldn't matter if you get the wet nail varnish on your other hand as it will be painted over anyway. Then repeat for the second hand. After applying a top coat or two, you've got yourself a pretty dashing set of nails!
Tip: In order to try and make your nail designs last longer, paint top coat over the tip of your nails and around the back as this should seal previous layers.
Sorry the piccy is bad quality, I took a photo with my photo at the bus stop. Mine are slightly chipped after wearing them for a couple of days.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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